venres, 29 de marzo de 2013

Airbnb in Fonteo, Galicia

This place is in Galicia, Spain. Nice and evergreen (this spring is greener than ever!) Lovely mountains and rivers and quality air to breath. Unspoiled and clean. All the silence you need. The "slow" life in the countryside. Come and see by yourself. My house is waiting to have guests! If you have no money,it doesn´t matter. Surely you know how to do something: cut the grass, chop some wood, build a fence, gardening.....We are back to old times (the swaping economy) I give you accomodation and food and you do some work! But it has to be serious or you may sleep in the open and pick some berries, ha, ha, ha But if you have some savings, you deserve a real holiday. So, do a booking with www.airbnb.es and make the most of this place. Enter www.airbnb.es Look for ENJOY RURAL LIFE BY THE EO You probably start making your plans right now!!! See you soon

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